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All Resident Evil 4 remake costumes and accessories

The original Resident Evil 4 was full of cool costumes that you could unlock, making Leon, Ashley, and even Ada look cooler than ever. Resident Evil 4 remake also has a fair few costumes you can unlock, although you’ll need to pay for most of them. That said, there are also a bunch of accessories you can pick up from the in-game shop, some of which have an effect on gameplay.

We’ll show you through every Resident Evil 4 costume and accessory so you can pick out your favorites.

If you need some help with the main game, check out our guides for Blue Medallion locations and Clockwork Castellan locations.

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Resident Evil 4 remake costumes – Leon

RE4R Leon without Jacket
RE4R Leon Pinstripe costume

Resident Evil 4 remake costumes – Ashley

RE4R Ashely with jacket
RE4R Ashely without jacket
RE4R Ashley suit of armor

Resident Evil 4 remake costumes – DLC

RE4R Leon and Ashley casual outfits
RE4R Leon & Ashley romantic costumes
RE4R Leon hero costume
RE4R Leon villain costume

Resident Evil 4 remake accessories

RE4R Leon with glasses
RE4R Gas Mask